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Been Busy - Portfolio Allocation

Hi everyone, so sorry I've been very busy lately so haven't done any posts.

GME is the talk of the town eh. From what I observe, it seems to be a rallying cry of some sort. A revolution some might say. I feel that there is now less emphasis about the money but more on the message that hedgefunds can't have it their way all the time. There is also alot of fake news about this, tweets by people etc. please read carefully what you come across. For me, yes I am vested in GME with my first entry at $12 back in November last year.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your POV), I did not hold any GME in any long term account lol so whenever it up by 10% ish I always sell. (Refer to Short term vs long term account below)

Ok back to the point, for this post I would like to share my portfolio allocations.

I always think that we should have multiple portfolios. Reason is because in the short term, no one can predict whats going to happen but humans being humans, always FOMO therefore why not have different accounts right. Also you can see from this NIO chart that I been messing with this since like $12. If I kept it since then I see 5x now but noooooo I have paper hands so I always sell when its like few bucks up. So if I had it in a long term account, I'ld be sitting on a pot of gold now.

I'll give some examples of holdings, and brokerage platforms that I use in each category.

Short Term US STOCKS

- Daily Trading (YES DAILY HAHA, FOMO)

- Only US Stocks

- Usually 10-20% gains I sell.

- Brokerage should be easy to use, low commission. Both Mobile and Desktop.

- Some holdings include NOK, INPX, BB (lol yes, I wave the WSB flag))

- I use TIGER BROKERS for my short term trading. This would be for stocks like our favourite GME.

Key to a short-term, day trade account is low fees and an extremely user friendly brokerage app.

Medium Term US & SG STOCKS

- Monthly Trading

- Mix of US (30%) and SGX Stocks (70%)

- SGX is slow and kinda boring (except for iFast and LS9) but well .... it is home so I always want to be vested.

- I am for around 30% ish gains for this before I sell. Examples inside are Ifast @ $3.50, Wilmar @ $4.65. Also have some lame stuff left here like 1J5 @ $0.55. Lol bloody useless this one, will cutloss and sell all if breakbelow $0.30.

- I use POEMS CASH+ account for this. Mobile app is trash but for desktop its ok.


- Quarterly.

- This is the portfolio that is always a present for me. I buy stocks in this and keep and let them soarrrrr.

- Important thing is that I only buy stocks in this account when they are at the middle or bottom of the daily Bollinger band. That is my trading rule for this account.

- Objective is to ride out the volatility and let it run.

- Only US stocks.

- Sell when 100% only. (Yes, I hold NNDM @ $6 sold some at $16, PLTR @ $22)

- I use IBKR for this. Only know how to use online and mobile, app is so lame and I hate it so thats why don't like to log in.

Likewise I think the key to long-term account is a brokerage with interface that makes you NOT WANT to log in haha.


- TBH I'm holding some bags here as stocks were purchased pre-covid and I did not sell when it crashed.

- Only stock that did well here was BVA which I bought 300 shares last last December at $1.42.

- Am holding some bags here in this account like STARHILL @ $0.59.

- Other bad bois inside in Singtel & Comfort.

- This account only exist cuz I didnt pay too much attention pre-covid.

In terms of Portfolio allocation, here is the percentage,

20% - Short Term US STOCKS 40% - Medium Term US & SG STOCKS 10% - Long Term US STOCKS 10% - Long Term SG STOCKS

20% - Warchest (please have some, please have more in times like this)

Other minor portfiolio include syfe and binance.... binance maybe not that minor.

People always say crash is coming nid to trim and indeed I think so too. But until then nothing is stopping you from messing around with stocks like CRSR. It has been fun the past 5 days and I think we are only just getting started.

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